Common Core and SO Much More...(FREEBIE)

This is a real quick post today to share something SUPER special with all of you! Teachers Pay Teachers and lots of blogging buddies and TpT sellers have been working to put together a fabulous Back To School Common Core resource for all of us. These ebooks are FULL of amazing freebies and incredible ideas to help with Common Core and Back To School. I was lucky enough to be able to share a freebie. 

Every page has a link to a free resource! It's like winning the lottery over and over again! This ebook features K-2 Math resources and ideas. There are also ebooks for K-2 ELA and older grades. I hope you guys check it out and love all of the new ideas you have at your fingertips. Click on each of the images below to download them! When you download the book, there are links to the 3-5 and 6-12 ebooks as well. Enjoy!

Thank you Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants for putting this together.

Thank Deanna Jump for putting this ELA ebook together.

Monday Made It-Behavior Chart

Yeah, baby! It's time to link up for Monday Made It! I have been working on TONS of items for my classroom this week. The first item I finished this week was my classroom behavior clip chart. I had one last year, but of course I needed to update it with a new and improved version.
 I don't have very much space in my classroom to display things, so I need to get creative. This is on the side of one of my filing cabinets. I use 2 magnetic hooks at the top of the chart to hang it on the side. The clips, on the side of the chart, have my student numbers on them to keep it as anonymous as possible.

Here is what I did to make my chart last the whole year:
First, print and cut out the behavior chart. Click HERE to grab your copy. Then make sure to glue each colored behavior on to plain colored paper. This provides a frame and extra reinforcement. 

Next, glue each section onto poster board or thick chart paper. I left space, at the top of each column, on purpose. You need the space at the top to attach the clips to it. You also need space at the top of the second column, so you can glue it to the first column (did that make sense?) Make sure not to leave any space in between each colored behavior. It should look something like this:

Then, carefully cut each colored column out, so that you have two columns only. Place glue on the white space above the yellow "Think About It" section. Carefully line up the green "Ready to Learn" card directly on top of the glue.

I took my completed behavior chart to Lakeshore to laminate for even more reinforcement. Note: When you cut the chart out from the lamination, it may not seal completely because of the thickness. I took clear packing tape and used it around the edges of the chart for durability. Remember, this chart is going to be used every day in your class. You want it to last! 

I hope these tips and tricks help you make your own behavior chart for your classroom. I would love to hear how you make your charts durable in your class. Make sure to link up with Monday Made It and share your creativity! Have a great week!

A little Sunday randomness....

The sadness is swelling in my heart...only 2 more Sundays until school starts! Don't get me wrong, I love teaching. I love my little second graders. I love getting my room ready. I DON'T love summer ending, waking up to an alarm clock and not being with my crazy boys throughout every day. I am linking up with Fabulous in First for this week's random happenings.

Mommy Camp went to Hurricane Harbor with week. I have never taken my kids to a water park before. I know...a huge travesty.  I was initiated into the club with a bunch of my baseball mommy friends. Thank goodness for experienced veterans in this department. We had a blast! A little rain, a little sun and little lines=a great adventure by all!

These guys arrived at my doorstep this week. I have been anticipating their arrival and can't wait to use them! Erasable markers....Genius!
And these are the Frixion erasable pens! JOY!

I just finished up my Classroom Timeline! I used this idea last year in my classroom, but I updated it for this coming year. I am going to print out the pages for each month and space them out on ribbon or washi tape. I love that it helps the kids understand how to use time lines, as well as capture our school year events and projects.  I need to find a new space in my classroom to post it that is more at my kids' eye level. I think it was too high on the wall last year. Once I get the pages up in my room, I will show you more detailed pictures. I can't wait!

I also just completed my Classroom Calendar that goes along with my Turquoise and Black Classroom Decor pack. It comes with monthly headers (with and without graphics), 2 sets of number cards to use for patterning practice, 18 holiday cards, days of the week and more!

I hope your week of randomness has been fabulous! Head on over, link up and share your adventures!

The Time Has Come...

Yes, that is right... The time has come for reality to set in. Summer is slipping away quicker than I would like. Yesterday was one of the first days I got to spend in my classroom getting ready for a new batch of kiddos. I walked into this:
Not bad, considering it was all put back the way I left it. I was prepared to move furniture, so this was a pleasant surprise. 

I have been doing a TON of printing, cutting and laminating to get ready. Here is my evidence:

 I only have 4 small bulltin boards in my classroom. One is our ELA Concept Board, one is for math, one is for writing AND I have one left that I use for our story vocabulary (because our Concept Board is too small for everything) and my classroom monitors. So, I HAVE to get creative on where I post things
I use the door that connects to my team partner's room for my birthday board. I am going to take pictures of the kids in groups by each month. All the kids who have a birthday in January will be in one picture. They will each hold a number with the DAY they were born that month. Then, I will mount the pictures, laminate them and put them under the correct month. I will post a finished product later on.

This is my helper board. Each student's name is on the circle and then glued  to a tongure depressor. Each pocket has the classroom job title and a description of the job. We change our jobs every Monday. 

This just a sneak peek into my classroom world. I will show you more as I get things done and then I will do a BIG reveal before school starts! 

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend. I am off to Hurrican Harbor with my boys!

Day 6: DING..Time is Up!

This is it folks... the last day of our Christmas in July sale! Make sure to load up on some great items that are 20% off for today only!

Today I have two of my math packets on sale. The first Deal of the Day is my Time Will Tell unit. It has activities to help you teach and review time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and five minute mark. Pick and choose the activities that work best for your students.

Deal of the Day #2 is my Money Talks packet! This unit has anchor charts, student reference sheets, centers, games and craftivities to engage your students and get them using and counting money!

Be sure to stop by and check out what all my blogging friends have on sale in their stores today too!

If you haven't already checked it out....Make sure to visit Dana's B2S linky party. There is a plethora of items and ideas for B2S. You won't want to miss it!

Day 5: Gearing Up With Grammar Sale!

On the 5th day of Christmas in July, I bring you 20% off grammar lessons-don't let it pass you by! Ok, a little cheezy but I got your attention, right?  Today, I have two popular grammar packets on sale.

Deal of the Day #1: What's the Scoop Adjectives and Adverbs pack. I love teaching and reviewing adjectives and adverbs! This packet makes it engaging and fun! It includes two craftivities, anchor charts, sorting book, flap book and centers. 

Deal of the Day #2: Prefix and Suffix: Bubblicious Fun! This is one of the most popular items in my store. These hands-on, engaging activities are sure to get your students excited to learn about prefixes and suffixes using a bubble gum theme. It includes prefix and suffix anchor charts, an I Spy activity, prefix and suffix flap books, centers and a bubble gum craftivity. 

Want to know what else is on sale? Check out my fellow bloggers below.

Also, my sweet friend Dana from Common to the Core is hosting a B2S linky where you can find TONS of paid and free B2S items and ideas. Click on the picture to take you there!