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Hello everyone!!!

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Today we are throwing  a big, humongous bash to celebrate YOU!
Last year we blogged about our favorite non-school related things, this year we have decided that we will share with you our favorite school things! So here we go:


The website I use and love the most in my classroom is IXL for Math!!! Hands down my kids LOVE this site. Let me tell you why:
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1. My students get instant feedback. It has been proven that immediate feedback is the most meaningful information to improve a student's learning. There is no need to wait for me to grade their papers. Students find out what they are doing right or wrong instantly. If they get a problem wrong, IXL shows the correct way to solve the problem, so they don't practice the skill incorrectly over and over.

2. I love it because, as the teacher, I can instantly monitor my students progress. I can assign specific skills and standards I want them to work on, watch their progress live, and adjust as needed. This is differentiation for my students at its finest. Can't get much better than that! My students test scores in math have sky rocketed and become more consistent. 

People who know me, know that I am an organizational freak at school. Binder Queen is my nickname.
My favorite projects and ideas are organized by seasonal quarters. I put all the masters, pictures, and examples of projects in plastic sleeves, so I can flip through when I am planning and easily take out what I need to copy.

My literacy centers, writing projects, math units etc are also organized the same way. It saves me time during the planning process and I can easily move ideas around to different times of the year if I need to.


My most favorite teaching item in my classroom is my personal laminator!
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I don't know about you guys, but our school laminator is never working when I need something laminated. It is either out of film or broken and never being fixed. I love having the ability to have high quality laminating film at my figure tips. It makes everything last long and protects it like nobody's business. I could not live without it!!!! My Scotch lamintor is the best one I have ever used (and I have been through a few). If you don't have one, run, don't walk to pick one up. It is a game changer!

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