Christmas in July Day 2: Kid-Friendly Standards Posters

Even though the sun is out, the temps are warm, and the ice cream is melting, it is still fun to throw a Christmas in July sale!

In case you missed yesterday, here is what is going on this week! Each day, a new set of products will be on sale in my TpT Store! 

Today all of my Kid-friendly Common Core standards posters are on sale! They cover all the ELA & Math standards for each grade level. I currently have them made for grades 1st-4th! I am tirelessly working on making fifth grade and kindergarten. When they are completed, I will put them on sale since they weren't ready on time. 

I love these standards cards because they don't take up much space, but they still serve their purpose for showing what we are learning, which my administrator loves. I use a pocket chart to display and change out my standards. Each grade level set comes with standards pocket chart letters, subject headers, ELA & Math standards with kid-friendly language on one side and the exact Common Core standard on the back for teacher use.

Each standard serves two purposes: 
1. The front side is in kid-friendly language and describes what the students will be able to do or know once the standard has been taught. 
2. The back side is the exact Common Core standard written verbatim for teacher use. 

I also use these standards to post next to student work when it is displayed on a bulletin board.

I store my standards in a box on my desk for easy access. I made divider labels and then I put all the corresponding standards in each category. 

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to check back tomorrow for a little surprise!

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