3-2-1 Teacher Bio: Weekend Warriors Linky Party

I am joining my Weekend Warriors gals for a little 3-2-1 Teacher Bio fun! Let's get to know each other!

I get bored easily. I am always changing my lessons and activities. Same concepts. Different spin. Keeping it fresh keeps me on my toes, gets me excited, and engaged. If I feel this way about my lessons, then it surely has a great chance to spill over to the students too, right?

I am also crazy organized at work! Everything goes into a binder and/or plastic sleeves. My colleagues call me the "Binder Queen." As much as it is a joke at work, I can almost always find what I need at a moment's notice. If it is not in a binder, it is color coded or labeled for easy identification. No time is wasted! Love, love, love. Now if only I could be this organized at home. You see, I have these three "boys" that I live with that just make it difficult to stay as organized as I do at work. 

I love to make learning fun! I really do. Not every lesson is a dazzler, believe me. But if it appears fun to the kids, they take in the knowledge without even knowing it. Whether it is reading on the floor or in a bean bag chair, playing a math game with friends or taking the lesson outside, it is important to make the learning engaging and fun! I try to do this in some way each day! I'm not always successful, but I do give it a valiant effort.

If you follow me on IG or Pinterest, you know I have a love for baseball. My two boys play ball year round and my husband is always on the field coaching. I get involved by driving them to their practices and games, cheering them on and it is a great excuse to buy cute baseball shirts for myself! But my favorite thing to do is to score their games. I learned to keep score when my brother was in little league. Now I get to use my skills while my own boys are on the field. 

I love the summer time because I can spend time outside by the water. I really love the ocean, but I truly dislike the sand. I LOVE listening to the waves crash, the smell of the salt water, but keep me away from the sand. It's gross. It's hot. It gets EVERYWHERE! Yuck! Ideally, I would enjoy the ocean while I sit by the hotel pool (book and tropical drink in hand) with the ocean on the horizon. 

I can't wait to get to Europe! I would love to start in France and Italy. I got passports for our family years ago, thinking I would be a step closer to making this happen, but not yet. I think my husband and I need to go together first and then bring the kids when they are older and can remember and enjoy the trip. I just want to take in all the history and appreciate the beauty. It. Will. Happen! 

Now, it is YOUR turn! Just grab the blank slides below and fill in your answers. Tell us a little about yourself and link up with us! Let's get to know each other a little more! 


  1. I am THE SAME--I love the beach but HATE sand. I even lived at the beach for 3 summers. I like the idea of being there more than actually being on the beach. I was randomly reading old posts of mine and came across a comment you left and it led me to this awesome link-up so I am going to join in : ) Hope your having a superb summer so far!

    The Sassy Sub

  2. I love that we share a brain! A fun learning environment, changing things up, and being organized definitely describes the teacher me too! The beach is such an amazing place, but you're right, the sand is annoying (and it's no fun when it gets hot).

    Primarily Speaking

  3. From one BINDER QUEEN to another!!! #addictedtoplasticsleeves
    Loved getting to know more about you Jaime!
    My husband and I spent two weeks in Italy for our honeymoon and it was MIND BLOWING FABULOUS! We want to retire there someday!

  4. If you figure out how to get the house organized too, let me know! I am also super organized at school but not so much at home. How great you get to spend so much time at the field! My daughter plays in the spring and we love the game! I hope you get to check Europe off of your bucket list soon.
    Always Kindergarten

  5. I need you to come put your awesome organizational binder skills to use in my classroom! I love seeing pictures of you and your boys. My husband and I are HUGE baseball fans! The beach is fun but I too get annoyed with the sand at times. I hope you get to check off Europe on your bucket list soon!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  6. Why is it so easy to be organized at work, but so hard at home? I am the same way. I love organizing, but by the time I come home I just want to relax.

  7. I lived in Italy for six months and got to see a lot of France too. It was amazing. You will definitely not regret going :)
    Loved linking up and getting to know you :)
    Early Years with Sheri

  8. I wish I could be the super organized one at school. I do have lots of binders as well, but its always an issue where to put those random print outs your principal gives you and they may/may not be important at some point 1-5 months down the road. (The struggle is real for me!) I can relate with the baseball field, my brother played all the way through college and my family was ALWAYS at the baseball field. Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed linking up with y'all!

  9. I can so relate to the Binder Queen thing. This is relatively new for me, as I started this "binder thing" a couple years ago. I think I'm at over 30 binders by now. It's so much easier when everything is in a binder.
    Also, I. Hate. Sand. I love the beach too, I even live by it, but I never ever go because I. HATE. SAND.

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  10. I'm a binder queen and I love changing things up too! I hope you make it to Europe soon!!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  11. I'm the same. I want to travel to Europe, I'm a binder girl, and I love the beach but hate the sand. We should travel together! Have a great day!

  12. I loved getting to learn more about you! I too am constantly changing up how I teach my lessons, I don't want to get stuck in a rut and become bored! I am also a super-organized person, my eye starts to twitch when things get out of place! :-) I hope you are able to achieve your dream of traveling to Europe, that sounds like so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with us!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

  13. It's well-known around my school that I have an obsession with binders too! They are just so neat and organized, how could I not??

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  14. I wish I were super organized. I always say that I’m digitally organized because I can organize computer files like nobody’s business. My teammate is definitely organized like you, and I love that she can always whip out the paper I can’t find.

    The Super Sparkly Teacher