Classroom Love Linky

I 'm excited to be teaming up with my Primary Powers girls to bring you this SUPER linky:

One thing I LOVE and can't imagine teaching without is my document camera and projector! These just make the world of teaching SO much easier! I use them for everything. I just hook my laptop up and can show those little kiddos of mine anything they need!

Hands down, the one thing my kiddos love is our school FARM! Yes, we have a farm. The kids love feeding the animals, cleaning the farm, and taking care of those adorable creatures. We have goats, sheep, rabbits, a miniature pony, peacock, turkeys, ducks, and who knows what else! It's hands on learning at it's best!

My class goes NUTS when we are using and creating our interactive notebook pages. They get to show off all they know about a skill. And I get to assess, review, and observe their knowledge and thinking. I don't know how I ever taught without them.

Head on over to Primary Powers and see all the Classroom Loves and link up with us!


  1. I love that your school has a farm. That is so cool! We have a garden, but that isn't nearly as fun as a farm. Hehe. I have a document camera and projector too! They are pretty useful tools to have!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. Your school has a farm!?! That's awesome! What a great hands on experience for the kids! I just started using interactive notebooks for reading this year, and I am loving it!

  3. A SCHOOL FARM?! How awesome is that!! I bet your kids get to learn so much more than just information about the animals! Love it!! Thanks for linking up! :)

  4. Holy smokes - you have a farm? In LA? What the what? That's incredible! Love my document camera and projector too - how did we ever teach without it?!?!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  5. That is so cool that your school has a farm. My class and I would love that too if we had one, but I don't think our -40 celsius winter days would allow for it :(. I love my projector too! It has been such a great way to show my English language learners what we are talking about.

    Mrs. Wiley
    @ Wiley Teaching