A Globetrotting Giveaway!

Who wouldn't love to travel the world? I know I am a dreamer...There are so many place I want to see in the world.  So, whenever I get the chance to teach my kids about reading maps and new places in the world, I get giddy! Many of my students don't go far from the neighborhood they live in, so if I can introduce them to new places, I am all for it.

My sweet friend, Aris from Sailing Into Second, and I have teamed up to bring the whole world right into your classroom. Yes, that's right....the whole world will be right at your fingertips! That's because we are hosting: 

You could win a copy of my new Map It Out! Map Skills unit AND Aris's Maps, Continents, and Communities unit!

It includes large posters of key vocabulary terms used throughout the unit. Each poster includes a vocabulary word, picture, and simple definition. These are great to use to introduce new terms and then have posted for students to use as a reference throughout your unit of study.

Students will make their own treasure map using grid map coordinates. I have students complete this activity in small groups and then present their maps to the class. This builds their map skills confidence and gets them ready to make their own maps independently.

I use these pages as quick assessments to review what students have learned.

I have included a set of task cards to review mapping terms and skills. My students love demonstrating what they remember from our lessons and this is the perfect way for them to show it off.

These "I Have...Who Has... cards are a fun way to get the whole class to work together to review map skills vocabulary and practice their listening skills too!
There is so many skills jam packed in this unit: vocabulary, grid maps, compass rose, keys/legends, identifying continents and oceans and more!

And... for all the Canadian teachers out there...I have a version of this unit just for YOU too! It includes all the same activities, but with maps of Canada! Click here for Map It Out! Canadian Version!

I have used the activities in Aris's unit many times with my students. This packet has so many easy, go-to activities to help introduce and teach map concepts. 

At the beginning of my map unit, I love to use the "Big Idea Questions" sheet. We discuss and review "big ideas" about maps and write our ideas out. We brainstorm together as a class. Then, the kids write their own sentences. 

I also like to introduce the concept of urban, suburban, and rural areas. I use these anchor charts as a visual understanding for my students. There are writing pages included in the pack to use for checking student understanding. A simple, quick, easy assessment!

Would you love these resources for your classroom too? You're in luck....just use the rafflecopter below to enter for your chance to win BOTH these units and bring all the map skills fun to your students!

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  1. Thanks for the give away and your awesome resources. I already follow both of you and have bought a few resources that I love!

  2. Thank you for the raffle. The products look great! Love both of your blogs and products.