Trade & Grade Product Swap!

I am so excited to be joining some fabulous bloggers for this month's Trade and Grade.
 I was paired up with the talented Stephanie from The Learning Chambers.

I was extremely lucky to be able to test out her Arctic Informational Text passages.

I was SO excited to use these passages with my kiddos. We have been working with informational text passages all year, but I wanted to change it up for them since we returned from winter break. Time to introduce NOTE TAKING in second grade! Yes, that's right...note taking! I don't think I was EVER taught how to take notes in school. But, with Stephanie's informational text passages, I was able to do just that for my little ones! 
I chose to start the note taking lesson with Stephanie's arctic fox passage. We had talked about arctic foxes previously, so I was thrilled to give them something they were familiar with the first time we attempted note taking. The reading was at the PERFECT level for my second graders. Not too easy. Not too hard. 

We boxed vocabulary words we needed to know the meaning of. Then, after reading the paragraph we would write a phrase on the side of it to help us remember the meaning. I taught them how to highlight and number important facts and information, so they could answer questions easier. 

After we read, highlighted, and underlined important facts together, I had the kids show off their new found knowledge about arctic foxes with Stephanie's comprehension page. We made sure to use complete sentences and spell words from the story correctly in our answers. The kids nailed this! 

Stephanie's packet also comes with fluency practice pages about each of the different arctic animals. I made packets for the kids and they practiced their fluency with partners during center time. This packet has it all! Your students will be engaged, learning, and feeling successful about informational text! What more can you ask for? THIS PACKET IS AWESOME!

Stephanie is so sweet, she even gave me a sample of this incredible pack to share with all of you. Just click HERE to grab your copy!
Arctic Fox Informational Text Sampler {Easy Printing}

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