Weekend Warriors December Deliciousness

Now that the craziness of the Christmas holiday is starting to slowdown, it is time to get ready for the New Year! I have joined the Weekend Warrior gals to bring you some fun and festive recipes to use to ring in 2015!

Finger foods and delicious beverages are always a way to start a great celebration. Most importantly, the recipes need to be EASY to make. When I have people over, I don't want to be in the kitchen cooking and prepping. I want to be with my guests eating and being merry. The recipes I am sharing with you are simple, easy, and delicious.

 I made these little Baked Brie Bites last year for New Year's Eve. They are SO easy to make. You might want to double the recipe because they will be gone before you blink. All you need is fillo dough cups, brie, cranberry sauce and pistachios.
Easy Baked Brie Bites - Easy and Elegant Appetizers #holiday #appetizers #thanksgiving #christmas

If you would like a copy of the recipe, click on the picture below to print it out.

New Year's wouldn't be complete without a few good drink recipes. For the kids, I am going to make these Chocolate Mock-tinis I found on Pinterest. Pick a fun clear glass to use and coat the inside with chocolate syrup. Then, blend together 1/2 c chocolate milk, 1c chocolate mint ice cream and a few ice cubes. I am going to garnish the rim with sprinkles instead of a candy cane for the New Year. What kid wouldn't feel special and festive drinking this while ringing in the New Year?

I love a fun drink! I saw this Cotton Candy Champagne Drink on Pinterest too. This is on my list to make this year. 
All you do is fill a glass with cotton candy and pour Perrier over it! What? Pink sparkling fun in  glass. I'm in!
Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

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  1. My mom always makes those brie bites and they are TO DIE FOR! I've never added pistachios so we'll definitely need to try that! That cotton candy drink looks fun, too! Can't wait to hear what you think of it!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Cotton candy with adult beverages?!? Say what!?! That looks super tasty!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  3. Those brie bites sound SO delish! And I NEED to try that cotton candy drink! We should try this together in Vegas this summer!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  4. Oh my~ cotton candy!!! I thought I had heard it all until now! What a hit the cotton candy drink would be at a party just for the pure fact that is something totally fun and unexpected! Brie cheese anything is the best! These little bites look so delicious and easy to make. I'll have to triple the recipe for sure because one tray will be gone before the guests ever see them! This one is on my list to try out for sure. It's nice that you included something special for the kids here too. :)


  5. Ooooo that cotton candy drink looks delish!!! Those brie bites look pretty yummy too!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade