November Currently

I am usually complaining how fast all the months seem to go by, but NOT this month! I L-O-V-E November! I am welcoming it with open arms. I feel like Halloween kicks off the season of holiday bliss and Thanksgiving is one of my favorites! I can't wait!

Here is what I am up to currently:

LISTENING: It is super quiet in my house right now. The kids are in bed already. We have an early start tomorrow morning. The hubs and I are on the couch. All I hear is the dishwasher and dryer working. 

LOVING: We are in a serious drought in CA. I don't think there is enough rain to help us get out of it. BUT last night (yes, on Halloween) we got our first sighting of rain.  It wasn't much, but it was much needed. Hope more is on the way...

THINKING: Thanksgiving break cannot come soon enough. We get the whole week off! Let the countdown begin.

WANTING: It's report card time and I would love to say mine are finished- BUT NO! I have a good start. I just loath the comments. We have to use pre-written comments and they never seem to say exactly what I want them to. I get frustrated because they seem very insincere and I can't even put them in the order I want them to appear. Some things I just have no control over. 

NEEDING: Oh, how I NEED new couches. Our couches are ten years old, which doesn't seem very old for a couch to me. However, our couches have been abused. My boys have used them as their own personal jungle gym, trampoline etc. They have survived two babies and a puppy. Now it is time for them to be retired. Finding a reasonable replacement seems to be a tough order. We have started the search....

READING: Honestly, I'm rather embarrassed to say...nothing. I am reading nothing. I can't ever seem to do any free reading or pleasure reading unless I am on vacation. I recently finished Orange is the New Black. I loved the book. Now I need to watch the show. 

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  1. I was listening to rain too! We have puddles! YIPPEE!! We are in LODI,CA NorCal. So funny you mention a new couch. My son moved out last weekend into an apartment & we gave him our old couch.Now I have a wall with no couch. Need a new one...Happy November! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  2. Holiday bliss- I love it! October 1- February 14 is my favorite time of year. Even both birthdays are included.
    My couch has been a trampoline too. We pile blankets over the low spots or else you can't get back up :)

  3. Bless you, good luck getting the report cards finished! Sounds hard if you aren't able to edit them. :(

  4. I hate canned report card comments too! I can't believe it's time for report cards already. I need a new couch as well-I even went so far as to take a look at IKEA but I think I'll wait for Christmas sales! :)

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