Cyber Monday Blog Hop Stop #7

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I discovered GoNoodle this summer. At first, I wasn't sure how I would use it in my classroom. It looked like fun. I knew my kids would get a kick out of it. But where was I going to find the time to integrate it into my day? 

Well, here is ONE way I use GoNoodle with my kiddos. We use a color clip chart for behavior management in my classroom.
The children move up and down this chart all day. I use GoNoodle as a way to encourage students to improve their behavior. The last five minutes of each day, we GoNoodle if everyone has shown great behavior OR corrected undesirable behavior. My kids have started helping one another make better choices and the tattling has been reduced. 

 We are mandated for our students to get 200 hours of physical education every 10 days. Sometimes it is very difficult to get outside and have structured P.E. time. The weather dictates a lot of what we can do outside. Also, our curriculum is jam packed. The GoNoodle Run With Us videos are a perfect way to sneak in a few minutes of physical movement each day.

Each Run With Us category has an introduction with a "real" athlete. They encourage the kids to be active and healthy. The kids love meeting the new athletes. I love that they are learning correct stretching, running and throwing techniques.

The kids love "racing" to the finish line and gathering medals along the way! The more we use GoNoodle, the better the kids get at doing their movements in their own "bubble space" and running in place. They cheer with joy when it is the end of the day and there is time for GoNoodle. I love that we are engaged, having fun, and contributing to our physical education minutes without any stress. Thank you, GoNoodle!

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