Weekend Warriors: October Organization + a FREEBIE

There I said it! I am a binder addict! Is anyone in the same addict club as me? I hope I am not alone!
My classroom is a sea of white binders! 

I organize all my monthly projects, mini units, writing units and more in these babies! I love everything being at my finger tips at a moments notice. There is no hunting around to find that one item I need to teach a concept!

I have also organized my math series in binders! Each math topic has culminating craft templates, centers and enrichment activities behind the topic tab.

I just used these odd and even activities and centers last week. When I was planning, it was a breeze to find what I needed to copy. I just pulled out the plastic sleeve with the activities I wanted and off to the copy machine I went! 

I feel like the binders are such a time saver. Yes, they took time to organize initially, but definitely worth it in the long run.

If you would like some seasonal binder covers to help you get started organizing all your files, here is a little FREEBIE for you from my TpT store.

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  1. You are truly one of the most well organized ladies I know! I love your math binder idea! The wheels are turning in this little ol' head of mine and I may just end up at the store later to stock up on white binders!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. I love your math binders! We just started using Envisions and my fellow first grade teachers and myself are having trouble adapting! Do you just find activities that you think will work well with the topics/lessons and then organize them in your binders? Thanks! :)

  3. You are my role model for binder organization Jaime! :) The only ones I have that are organized are the monthly themes. The rest are a disaster. I need to seriously go through them and find a place for them. You have given me the inspiration to get back at it!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  4. Binder organizing is the BEST!!! Love all your cute covers - thanks for the freebie!!

    First Grade Smiles