Diggin' Into Next Year: Beginning of the Year + a FREEBIE

Welcome to another amazing week of fresh ideas and tips to help kick start your school year in the right direction! This week we are tackling beginning of the year ideas!

....approach the beginning of the year! I LOVE the beginning of the year! My room is as close to perfect as it will ever be the entire school year. Everything is organized and in its place, for the most part. The only thing it is missing is the beautiful student work! We get started on that the first day of school.
The first thing we create is our classroom banner:

Each student draws and colors a portrait of themselves. Then, we put the banner together and hang it in our room for the year! This is a reminder that we are a "family" for this school year and must work together and support one another.

I also like activities that help us get to know one another better. Our likes and dislikes are important to share with one another. For the first week of school, we work on creating our All About Me Posters. I love having these displayed during Back to School Night for all the parents to see. We also write descriptive stories about ourselves too. The students don't write their names on the front and we have to guess who each story is about.


I am always looking for new and creative ideas to use at the beginning of the year! Whether it is from my blogging besties or Pinterest, I am always searching for fun things to do with my kiddos. I have a few ideas up my sleeve this year already, but I LOVE to add to it. This year I am adding a bulletin board called "This Year's Playlist". This idea came from my sweet friend Molly at Lucky to Be in First. Each student will have a colored iPod with their name on it to welcome them to our classroom.

If you would like to take a closer look at some of the activities I mentioned just click on the pictures below:

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