Show Us What You Bought Linky- I Scored!

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you what was in my shopping cart during the TpT sale! There were so many things I wanted, so I went shopping THREE separate times! Oh my... 

Before I begin, I must admit, I have a clip art addicition. I have NO idea how that came to be (oh, please). So, whenever TpT has a sale, my clip art collection GROWS.
I love everything Melonheadz. I am an addict. #71 to be exact! You would have thought I had all the clip art I needed from Nikki, but NO! 3 more adorable collections in my cart! I am always looking for new frames for my printables...these had been on my wish list for awhile... Chalkboard Doodle Boarder by Jen Jones, Doodle Boarders and Frames by Lovin' Lit and Bubbly Boarders Glitter Frames and Boarders. I think I might be set for a little while at least. When is  the next TpT site-wide sale?

I also picked up some incredible units that I had been eyeing. I have really been wanting to pick up Teaching and Tapas Close Reading Packet for second grade. Now I can say I own it! This packet is unbelievable. It is well organized, thorough and it is going to really help my kids with their close reading skills. It is printed and ready to go!

I just finished my geometry unit but I saw some of my blogging friends using Amy Lemons Shapin' Up unit and NEEDED to have it too. I thought I was all set until Linda Kamp posted her newest unit What Does the Shape Say? during the sale. Yep,  bought it too! I am going to use it for review this year with my kiddos. But, Oh-My-Goodness- this packet has everything you need to get your kids excited and engaged with 2D and 3D shapes. 

What was in your shopping cart during the sale? Make sure to link up and share. I can't wait to fill my wish list up again with all your great purchases!


  1. I just may be the newest Melonheadz addict. I am using her kidlettes right now and they are just the cutest things ever!


  2. I bought the same rainbow kidlettes! So cute!!!! I love all of your purchases, and I can see why you're so excited about them!!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Your purchases look great! Adding more to my wishlist right now!

    Success in Second Grade
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