A Day Our Way- My Classroom Schedule

A day without a schedule=CHAOS!

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Before I share my schedule, here is my disclaimer.... This schedule is only a basic guideline for the day. On any given day, something WILL need to be changed, altered or taken out/added to our schedule. My kids know that we do not always get to everything on the schedule, and that it OK. There is always tomorrow! 

Morning Warm Up: This is my favorite time of the day because my students know EXACTLY what to do. They are independent. They know the routine and they get right to work. Each student has a warm up folder in their desk which has the morning work for the week. It includes review of language arts skills, proofreading paragraphs, printing and math practice. When they are done, they work on unfinished work from previous days, read, use IXL etc. During this time, I am taking care of morning business, and meeting with any students that need review. At the end of the time, we correct our warm up as a class.

Language Arts Direct Instruction: We are required by our district to use a direct instruction scripted program. As any good teacher knows, this does not work for every student or teacher. We spend time on phonics review, reading strategies, comprehension, grammar etc. We also work in our interactive ELA notebooks. During this time, I supplement with many of my own materials to make sure the needs of all my students are being met, all while teaching to the CCSS.

Writing: We have a short writing block in the middle of the day. However, it seems to be the perfect amount of time to break up the writing process for my kiddos. Each of the days of the week is usually a directed lesson, brainstorming, drafting, revising and then publishing. It does not always work that smoothly, but we try.

Math: Again, we have a math program that has tried to be Common Core aligned, but doesn't quite meet my students needs. During this time there is always a directed lesson and then small group work/exploration and independent practice. I use this time to reinforce skills in our interactive notebooks too. I also supplement heavily during this time with my own hands-on materials.

Social Studies/Science/Health etc. If this is not integrated during Language Arts instruction, we use this time for it. 

The day flies by and many times lessons overlap and tie into one another to make it more feasible to get to everything.

Head on over to Where the Wild Things Learn and share your schedule with all of us too!


  1. I love that your students know that they need to be flexible from day to day. I try to teach my kiddos the same thing from the get go. Some lessons just take longer, and that's OK! :)

    Primarily Speaking

  2. I love how organized your day is! I completely understand how things can run together or change day by day. Flexibility is definitely something we have all mastered as teachers :) I love that you have a morning time for recess and a 40 minute lunch! So nice for you AND the kiddos! I love your idea of them having a "morning work" folder! Definitely stealing that idea for next year!

    Thanks for linking up :)