My Week In Pictures & a SURPRISE!

I feel like I have just crawled out of the world's biggest travesty- NO INTERNET all week in my classroom! GASP! Honestly, I never realized how much I depend on the internet until I didn't have it all week. No printer (it's wireless), no online stories (use this twice a week), no ability to record attendance (had to do it by hand). The list goes on and on.... However, I am happy to say 15 minutes before dismissal today, it was back up and I was back in action. I was a printing machine before I left work today! My prayers have been answered!
Now I am at peace and can start to share my week with you....

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my week in pictures with you.

1. This was the first week of my kiddos taking their math facts timed tests. They started with their 2 addition facts. They have to answer 50 problems in 3 minutes to pass. We have been practicing for weeks. They actually did very well! They were excited to get their slip of paper that told them whether they passed and moved to the next level or needed to keep studying. 

2. We worked with beginning, middle and end with our weekly story. The kids completed this page for their ELA interactive notebook. Thank you Aimee!

3. We did a little creative writing in our ELA centers. The kids made these adorable leaves to get us into the mood for fall. Then, they wrote some super cute and creative stories. Thank you, Amy Lemons.

4. Started my weekend with a little mani/pedi. Just had to share!

5. I just finished my latest unit for math. I am so excited to finally be able to print this out and laminate it. (remember I didn't have a printer to use all week). This packet includes place value anchor charts, center, printables, a flap book and a superhero craftivty that are sure to get your kids SUPER excited about place value. It will be on sale through the weekend. You can grab it HERE or click on one of the pictures above. 

I also have a HUGE surprise to share with you this Sunday! Make sure to stop back by to find out what it is. Trust me, you will not want to miss it!


  1. I can't wait Jamie!! I just purchased your place value power unit. I am a huge fan of your blog and store...have many of your packets. My Kiddos love them! Can't wait for Sundays unveiling! Sylvia.

  2. No internet!! On My! Our printer is wirelessly linked to office as well. I would be lost with out the internet. Which site do you use for stories? I have a couple I have gone to, but am always on the look out for anything new.


  3. I am ready for the big surprise. I would like a hot dog with it :)
    Place value power is one skill every child K-2 needs. Once they get that concept, nothing can be too hard for them :)
    My Second Sense

  4. What a week, no printer? I have been in your shoes and I can completely sympathize! I'm so glad it got fixed. I am loving your new place value unit! So going to check that one out as place value is coming up soon!! Lovin' those toes!

    Primarily Speaking