Five for Friday: My Week In Pictures

I have to be very honest...This was the L-O-N-G-E-S-T week EVER! It was the first 5 day week we have had in the last month and it felt like it in every way! I am welcoming the weekend with wide open arms. Here is a peek inside my week!!!
We worked on our first set of letters to our fabulous pen pals in North Carolina. We used Kelley's Pen Pal packet to get started. The kids had a blast! They can't wait to hear back from their new buddies.

We worked on main idea and details this week. The kids created trees to show their understanding. They wrote the main idea on the trunk and details on the leaves. Thank you Amy Lemons. We love your Main Idea Packet!
We continued main idea with a story about a deaf girl in Meet Rosina. The kids used their "hands" to write the main idea on the palm and details on each of the fingers. The kids really got the connection between the story and the activity, which is always awesome!

I hit the jackpot yesterday when one of my parents donated a TON of glue sticks and notebooks to my classroom for our interactive notebooks! It's the little things that warm my heart and make me smile.
AND...last but not least.... I am almost done with this bad boy! I have been working feverishly on it every day. I had several requests for a 1st grade Math Interactive Notebook. I am happy to say I hope to have it complete by the end of the weekend. Stay tuned...
Happy Weekend!


  1. So excited to see your interactive math notebooks...this has been on my "to do" list, so it looks like I may have hit the jackpot!! :) LOVE your main idea activities - pinned and ready to put into our plans. Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Love the notebooks and the parents who show you love and appreciation.
    Can't wait to read those awesome letters. Ours have been ready for weeks. I must drive to the post office!
    My Second Sense

  3. I love your main idea and detail organizers! It's great that you have parent support!

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  4. Yay for Pen Pals! So fun! I'm so glad you got some needed donations. I love it when parents help keep the classroom stocked! Here's to hoping that next week is the fastest week ever!

    Primarily Speaking

  5. I love your 'rooted in a story idea!' It's perfect!

    The Team Teacher

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