Pay It Forward and a Little Bloglovin'

I have to share an incredible story with all of you! If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek into this story yesterday. Now I want to share the details with everyone.

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip here
This is every teachers favorite place to hang out during the summer, right? I don't have a Hobby Lobby near me so this is the next best place from what I understand. My creative juices were flowing. I selectively loaded up my cart with several things I "needed" and got into line to check out.

As I was standing in line, two young men in front of me started talking to me. 
Two Guys: Did you just have your eyebrows waxed? 
Me: Why, are they still red?
Two Guys: Yep. 

Lovely. Just my luck, right? They continue talking to me as I am looking in the dollar bins for any last minute  "goodies" I may have missed. They asked what I was buying. They wanted to know what I was making with all the things in my cart. Here is a glimpse of what they saw:
One guy thought the white square was an art canvas. I explained that it was a magnetic white board. He wanted to know if I was making a "chores" list for my kids at home. I said, "No, I am making a chores list for ME at school." Then the conversation went into me being a teacher, what grade I taught etc. AND if I knew where the nearest COIN car wash was. R-A-N-D-O-M...

Now the good part... (are you still with me?) 
A lady, three people behind me, in line says, "Excuse me, did you say you were a teacher?"
Me: Yes.
Lady: Then I want to pay for everything in your cart for you.
Me: Really? No, that is not necessary. That is very kind, but not necessary.
Lady: No really, I am not kidding. I am paying for your items. Teachers spend so much of their own money in their classrooms. I want to do this.

W-H-A-T?!?! Who does that these days? Who does that E-V-E-R for that matter? We chatted briefly in line. She gave me a 40% off coupon. I gave her my teacher discount. The cashier rang me up. She paid for the WHOLE thing!! Simply mind blowing!!! 

It is experiences like these that make me realize how kind and generous people can be. I am forever grateful to this lady for her random act of kindness. 

P.S. I can't wait to show you what I am making with all my items during Monday Made It this week- Stay tuned!

One last thing... As many of you know Google Reader will no longer exist as of July 1st!  I made the switch to Bloglovin" and hope you will too. I wouldn't want any of you to miss reading my random thoughts and crazy teaching adventures. Tori at Tori's Teaching Tips has a great blog post with step by step directions on how to create an account and make the switch to Bloglovin'. It really is a simple process and does not take much time at all. Make sure to join in all the fun! 


  1. What a great story! It is really neat when things like that happen, and they rarely do.

    How do you get your teacher discount at Michaels? They tell me I have to show my school ID, so I do but they still don't give me a discount.

  2. That is such a neat story!! {And I love the random eyebrow comment... who says that?!!} :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  3. That is such a great story! Those are some seriously random questions from the coin car wash to the eyebrow waxing!
    First Grade Funtastic

  4. So some folks out there do get what we do and appreciate us! You were in the right place at the right time!

  5. WOW this story just made my day! That is just so nice of that lady! Thanks for sharing! Hope your eyebrows aren't red anymore haha


  6. Such a good, sweet story! There are some people out there who LOVE us!

  7. I love hearing about those who love teachers. That was beyond nice.
    My Second Sense

  8. I wasn't quite sure where your story would go after the eye waxing! I'm so glad that it turned out like it did! How amazing! We need more appreciative people like your new friend!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  9. I absolutely love that story, which I didn't realize started off rather comically. Those guys sounded very curious, R-A-N-D-O-M is right! Seriously though, it is always refreshing to hear these kinds of stories and to know that there are some people out there who get it. I can't wait to see what you're making!!

    Primarily Speaking

  10. So sweet! That has happened to me at yard sales, but not at Michaels!

  11. What a sweet story that is! It is nice to be reminded that there are many people that appreciate the hard work (and money) that goes into making our classrooms wonderful places to learn and inviting home away from home! Anxious to see what amazing and clever project you have going!You've got the best ideas!:)

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  12. Such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog!

  13. awesome! Love it and I can't wait to see what you are making.

  14. That is incredible! I love knowing there are still people in the world that do for others :) Thanks for telling the story :)

  15. Wow!! What a sweet story! I can't wait to see what you are making!

    The First Grade Dream

  16. That is a beautiful story! It is inspiring to know that teachers ARE appreciated!