Five for Friday: Instagram Review

Woo Hoo!!! It's a LLLOOOOONNNGGGG weekend, my friends! I'm just a little excited for an extra day off! I'm linking up with my ever favorite Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's...
This week is I am going to share a little Instagram review. I am hooked on Instagram for sharing my ideas during the day. It makes me remember to take pictures and then I can remember to share the details on my blog. SO..... here we go! If you want to follow me on Instagram click here: Bright Concepts 4 Teachers on Instagram.

1. Monday was Field Day! We had a blast and of course it was the hottest day of the week!! One of my very talented second graders submitted the t-shirt design and it was chosen!!! I am so happy for her.

2. I chaperoned my son's field trip to a local farm this week. We went strawberry picking, rode on a tractor pull and visited with the animals. Fun but exhausting! Love me some kindergarteners... (I don't know how some of you do it)

3. My little guy got his first orthodontic appliance "installed" yesterday. He had to get an expander to widen his jaw. All good so far, except he is learning how to chew and swallow all over again. Fingers crossed for a smooth weekend. We are eating applesauce, yogurt and slippery foods for now. I am so proud of him. He is dealing with it like a champ.

4. My students love inference. So, I brought summer to our classroom with my Beachside Inferencing Pack. They became detectives, used a magnifying glass and detective book to solve the mysteries. They had so much fun.

5. I am trying to get a jump on prep for next year. Today I made frames to put the kids first day of 2nd grade pictures into. They will decorate them and I will put their picture from the first day in it for them to take home.

There you have it, 5 random things about my week. I hope you all link up and share your week too! Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Your inferencing pack looks really great! And I love the cute frames for next year. I can't believe you are already doing things for next year!!!

  2. Those strawberries look so yummy! My daughter began her journey with orthodontics about a month ago -- only 4 more cranks on that expander until we are done! I like how you've prepped for next year already. Way to go! Glad to be your newest follower!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement about the orthodontics. We are just starting the journey but look forward to "only 4 more cranks". Happy to have you as a new follower. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Loving the inferencing detective idea. Sweet! Intragram is very easy to become addicted to... I love it as well:)

    Kimberlee @ iTeach 5th

    1. Thanks, Kimberlee! I just started following you on Instagram. Can't wait to see your pics.

  4. Hi Jaime. I'm so happy to be your newest follower. I just found your blog through Five for Friday. I too had an expander as a kid. I completely understand everything that your son is going through right. It's definitely an interesting appliance, not only are you learning how to chew & swallow all over again, but I had to learn how to talk again so it didn't sound like I had a lisp. I hope everything goes well for him with it.


  5. Jamie - you rock girl...already got part of next year going and ready. I have 8 days left and have a lot to do still. I love instagram too. <3 #teachertalktuesday
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After