THE WINNERS ARE... and January Currently

I was hoping to get this blog post up much earlier today, but I have not had access to my computer and the internet for the last few days. Sorry for the delay, BUT better late than never. First, I would like to thank everyone who entered my 200+ follower giveaway. It was a blast to host and I am super excited to announce the winners. I will be emailing each of your shortly. And the winners are:

It's also that time of month again to link up with Farley for this month's currently. I am so excited to be starting the year by sharing what is Currently going on it my life.

I am currently on a skiing vacation with my family. We do this every year. It is an amazing way to ring in the  new year. I am still "learning" to ski. I think this might be a life long process for me. My boys are becoming incredible skiers and I want to be able to ski with them. So, I was in ski school today so I can learn the ropes. I love the family bonding time, we get on this trip. Making memories as a family are the things we will all remember years down the line. My One Little Word is BLESSED! I cannot ask for anything more right now. I am a lucky woman. I have an amazing family, friends that are always there for me and blogging buds that are so supportive. Blessed sums it all up.
I can't wait to read everyone's Currently to see what is going on in all of your lives. I hope 2013 is starting off with a bang for each of you. Happy New Year!


  1. The ski vacation sounds lovely! I hope you enjoy the rest of your school vacation :) :)

  2. We just took a vacation and it was great! I hope you are enjoying your ski vacation!

  3. We didn't go anywhere, but it's been a wonderful break! I have to go meetings tomorrow. Sigh.

  4. We didn't go anywhere, but it's been a wonderful break! I have to go meetings tomorrow. Sigh.

  5. The listening to Spongebob made me laugh! Haha- I don't have kids of my own, but my students will randomly break out into the Spongebob theme song!! Love your blog- I'm a new follower!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Katie! I love new followers! I loath Spongebob so I had to share my "joy" with everyone! I am headed over to check out your blog now.

  6. I bet you are fantastic and the boys have to beg you to stop. Good luck with the lesson plans,
    My Second Sense