2 Giveaways and Have A Great Day!

Well, tomorrow is the day. Back to reality-second semester starts! I have completely enjoyed NOT waking up to an alarm clock each morning for the last 3 weeks. I still wake up early, but doing it on my own, instead of being forced to wake up to an annoying buzzing sound, is so much nicer. Anywho... the day has come and my alarm is set. BLAH!

On a much brighter note, I want you to know about two amazing giveaways going on now. First, my blogging buddy Samantha at Mrs Kelly's Klass is having an awesome 200 Follower giveaway.
                                                      giveaway button.png
So many amazing bloggers have donated prizes. If you enter, you may even win something from my store too!

Second, Teachers Notebook is hosting a Tablet for the Teacher Sweepstakes from Jan. 5th  thru Jan. 31st. Wouldn't you love to win an iPad mini? A Nook? Or how about a Kindle Fire HD? I know I wouldn't mind getting one. If you win, and enter through my blog, I will win one too! All you have to do is click on the picture below which will link you to my blog and if you win, we both get a tablet!!! That would just blow my mind!!! So, make sure you enter every day and enter HERE! (THANK YOU!!!!) Good luck to everyone!

Hopefully, those two giveaways put a smile on everyone's faces. A wish everyone a super easy, no stress week back to work tomorrow. For those of you who have already started back, bless you! I hope your week is awesome too!

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