RAK and Reindeer, Say What?

I wanted to share my RAK that I posted about on my December Currently. I decided I wanted to leave a little love in one or two people's boxes at school each day until winter break. I, of course, found my idea on Pinterest. Here is what I have slyly put into people's boxes the last 2 days:
I've seen people holding them, but no one has asked any questions yet.....I'll just have to wait and see. I hope it warms people's hearts to know someone is appreciating them. Click on the link below if you would like to grab the free printable too.

On a different note, I am so excited to say that I have FINALLY put up some of our holiday activities in our classroom. Today, we finished up our reindeer craftivty and writing from my Baby, It's Cold Outside literacy pack. I read the kids Olive, The Other Reindeer. Then I gave the kids two prompts they could write about. The first prompt was "Pretend you are Olive and write a letter to Santa explaining why you think you should be chosen to guide his sleigh for Christmas." The kids had to use events from the story to back up their reasons. The second prompt was "Pretend you are one Santa's reindeer. Explain what kinds of food you would like people to leave you as a snack on Christmas and why." Here is what one of my little darlings wrote. It made me laugh.
After they wrote, each student made a little reindeer to go with it.The kids really got into their roles and did a great job backing up their ideas and thoughts. I was really proud of them!

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